Show & Prove 2012: The Tensions, Contradictions, & Possibilities of Hip Hop Studies

Friday, March 30, 2012

5:00-7:00 pm

Opening Reception & Book Party (Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, Rooms 804/805)

In honor of Sam Seidel’s Hip Hop Genius:  Remixing High School Education.  Refreshments will be served.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

8:30-8:45 am

Opening Remarks by Dr. Imani Kai Johnson (PS)

9:00-10:20 am

Global Ethnography & Hip Hop (PS)

Moderator:  Farbeon Saucedo

  • Akesha Horton & Chiara Minestrelli, “Global Perspectives on Identity: Using Hip-Hop to Explore Australian Indigenous Cultural and Gender Identity”

  • Elisabeth Betz, “Exemplifying Multi-Sited Ethnography and Intersectionality: Tongan Hip Hop in Tonga and Beyond”

  • Vanessa Díaz, “Rethinking Methods and Boundaries in Ethnographic Research: A U.S. Latina Enters/Invades the Cuban Hip Hop Community”

Prophecy, Militancy, & Music:  Hip Hop & Religion (CS)

Respondent:  Rabbi Darkside

  • Samiha Rahman, “Muslim Hip-Hop: The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion”

  • Rasul Miller, “From P.L.O. Style to Punks?: Hip Hop, Islam, and the Silencing of Political Dissent”

  • Rev. Earl Fisher, “The Minority Report: Prophetic Language and Hip-Hop Lyricism”

Not the Master’s Tools: Using Hip Hop Feminism to Negotiate Identity/ies and Experiences in the Lives of Young Black Women (SCA)

Moderator:  Dr. Stephanie Troutman

  • Dr. Elaine Richardson, “Critical Hip Hop Feminist Literacies in an Afterschool Program”

  • Dr. Bettina Love, “You Don't See Us, But We See You: Southern Black Girls Negotiating Conservatism, Hip Hop & Racial Gender Identities”

  • Dr. Stephanie Troutman, “Fabulachia: Black Female Student Struggle and Success at Berea College”

10:35-11:55 am

Counternarratives & Healing Redress (PS)

Respondent:  Dr. Celiany Rivera

  • Jocelyn Thomas, “’ You Bring The Freak Out of Me’: An Examination of the Sexual Politics of Hip Hop (Studies)”

  • Alisa Bierria, “Where Them Bloggers At?" Reflections on Rihanna, Accountability, & Survivor Subjectivity”

  • Dr. James Braxton Peterson, “Suicide Dayz: Mortal Intertextuality and Personified Intertexts in Hip Hop Music”

Women of the 5th Element: Performing Subjectivity through Beatboxing (CS)

Respondent:  Kid Lucky

  • Gelsey Bell, “Beatboxing from the Box: Vocality, Femininity, and Embodied Musicality”

  • Jessica Pabón, “Spitting like a “Woman”: Gender Performance in the Art of Beatboxing”

  • Dr. Shanté “Paradigm” Smalls, “’Make the Music with Your Mouth’: Sonic Subjectivity and Post-Modern Identity Formations in Beatboxing”

Brownness, Hip Hop, and Cultural Hybridity (SCA)

Respondent:  Abran Maldano

  • Ryan Fukumori, “Portraits of the ‘Hip-Hop Scholar’: Das Racist and the Limits of Legibility”

  • Melissa Castillo-Garsow, “Yo Soy Hip Hop: Transnational Mexicanidad and Mexican Hip Hop in New York”

  • Marco Cervantes, “San Anto Hip Hop Poetics: Black and Chicana/o Cultural Overlap Through Musical Performance”

Break for Lunch (not provided)


Hip Hop & the Archives Roundtable (PS)

Moderator:  Dr. Jane Carr, English Dept., NYU Workshop on Archival Practice

  • Katherine A. Reagan, Curator of Rare Books, Cornell University

  • Ben Ortiz, Curatorial Assistant, Hip Hop Collection, Cornell University

  • Martha Diaz, Founding Director & Co-Principal Investigator, Hip Hop Education Center

  • Dr. Nicole Hodges-Persley, Assistant Professor Theater Studies, Hip Hop Archive

  • Dr. Mary Fogarty, Assistant Professor of Dance Studies, York University

  • Tahir Hemphill, Founder of the Hip Hop Word Count

Hip Hop & Europe (SCA)

Respondent:  Joel McLiven

  • Sina Nitzsche, “Hip Hop as a Transnational Phenomenon: Possibilities and Pitfalls for Hip Hop Studies”

  • Dr. Jean-Michel Saint-Paul, “Bending New Corners OF Erik Truffaz: The Influence of Hip Hop in Jazz Music & How an Acoustic Quartet Sounds as an Electric Group”

  • Julia Averill, “Taking up Talk: African American Vernacular English Among Austrian Teens”

1:00-3:00 pm

Films (CS)

Cuban Hip Hop: Desde Principio (From the Beginning)—75 min. Followed by Q&A with Dir. Vanessa Diaz

Hip Hop Gurlz—8 min. Followed by Q&A with Dir. Tamika Guishard

2:35-4:15 pm

Remixing the Art of the DJ:  Music, Art, Writing, & Theater (PS)

Respondent:  iona rozeal brown

  • Todd Craig, “’NO BITING ALLOWED’: College Writing, Citation Strategies and the Hip-Hop DJ”

  • Patrick Rivers, “How Do You Get to Summer Jam?: A Prospective Musicianship for the Craft of Beat Making”

  • Karen Jaime, “This is the Remix: Reggie Cabico Samples Hip-Hop Theatre”

  • Dr. John Jennings, “Where My Eyes Can See: Remixing Design Methodology with the Visual Culture of Hip Hop”

Considering Methodologies & Interdisciplinarity in Hip Hop Studies (SCA)

Respondent:  Sam Seidel

  • Khushdeep Malhotra & Dr. LeConté Dill, “Hip Hop and Poetry as a Means of Healing and Health Promotion for Marginalized Youth”

  • Sean McPherson, “How do you teach hip-hop the same way you learned it?”

  • Dr. William M. Patterson, “IPOWERED: Higher Ed Remixed To Do Some Good in the ‘hood”

  • Dr. Sarah Hentges, “Rasquachismo: A Theory, Methodology, and Pedagogy for Hip Hop Intersections”

3:10-4:40 pm

Film & Discussion:  Apache Line:  From Gangs to Hip Hop (CS)

Hosted by Jorge “Popmaster Fabel” Pabón with Special Guest

4:30-6:10 pm

Social Movement:  Politics & Revolution (PS)

Respondent:  Steve Netcoh

  • Naomi Elizabeth Bragin, “Techniques for Black (Male) Re/Dress: Re-routing the Rebirth of Waacking/Punkin’”

  • Dr. Rosemarie A. Roberts, “Contained Bodies: Hip Hop Dance as Enactments of Social Justice”

  • Ginger Jacobson, “Hip Hop Culture and the Environmental Justice Movement: An Intersection in the Crossroads of Social Justice”

  • Dr. Nitasha Sharma, “Bringing Global Revolution into the Mix: Hip Hop’s Commentary on the Middle East Revolutions”

Hip-Hop Culture and Youth in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization: Pedagogical Sites for Hope, Resistance and Transformation (SCA)

Moderator:  Brad J. Porfilio-Lewis

  • Dr. Julie Gorlewski, “Indigenous Hip-Hop Pedagogues and the Beat Nation: Youth Promoting Critical Citizenship and Social Transformation”

  • Dr. Johan Söderman, “Hip-Hop and Folkbildning: A Voice for Marginalized Youth in Sweden”

  • Crystal Leigh Endsley & Marla Jaksch, “The Troubadour: K’naan, East African Hip Hop, and Social Justice”

  • Brad J. Porfilio-Lewis, “French Hip-Hop and Critical Pedagogy: Challenging the Oppression in and beyond the Banlieue”

4:50-6:10 pm

Artist’s Talk (CS)

Featuring:  iona rozeal brown & Carlos “Mare139” Rodriguez 

6:15-7:30 pm

Return to the 36 Chambers: Wu-Tang Across the Eras (CS)

Moderator:  Dr. James Ford

  • Dr. James Ford, “An Ode to the Raw”

  • Dr. Andre Myers, “A Story from the Real: Ghostface Killa and Lacanian Polyphony”

  • Dr. David Bering-Porter, “Virtuosity of the Wu: Navigating the Aesthetics of Networks”

Hip-Hop Feminism & Cultural Arts Direct Action:  An Interactive Workshop on Radical Performance Practices & Approaches (SCA)

With Kelly Thomas & Ebony Golden

7:40-8:00 pm

Closing Remarks with TBD (PS)

8:00-11:00 pm

Closing Reception with Open Wine Bar (PS)

PS = Performance Studies, 721 Broadway, 6th Fl. Rm. 612
CS = Cinema Studies, 721 Broadway, 6th Fl. Michelson Theater
SCA = Dept. of Social & Cultural Analysis, 20 Cooper Square, 4th Fl.

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