FRIDAY Evening, 5:00pm


~ Dr. Mary Fogarty, Associate Professor of Dance, York University


WORKSHOP 1:  Here We Go Again!:  African Dance Presence in Hip Hop (workshop)

~ Latanya D. Tigner 

PANEL 1:  Blindspots in Hip Hop Studies

~ Randall White, “Hip Hop Hypnosis: History Notoriously Commercialized”
~ Maiko Le Lay, “Hip Hop Pedagogy and Choreography of the Classroom:  Hip Hop and Embodied Pedagogy”
~ Kevin Green, “Who Doing’ The Drums?:  The Instrumentalist in Hip Hop Music Making”

PANEL 2  the Hip Hop Librarian Consortium

~ Kai Alexis Smith & Craig Arthur, “Hip Hop Librarian Consortium”

SATURDAY Morning II. 10:30am-12:10pm

PANEL 3:  Doing Hip Hop Studies:  Methods of Analysis

~ Sherril Dodds, “Battle of Looks”
~ Waqas Mirza, “‘A poet to some, a regular modern-day Shakespeare’: Eminem’s commercial and artistic success”
~ Jim Vernon, “Never Let An MC Steal Your Rhyme’: Sampling, Biting and Appropriation” 

PANEL 4:  Subversive Moves:  Hip Hop as Counter-Hegemony

~ Lindsay Rapport, “Response/abilty:  Fugitivity and a Freestyle Dancer’s Nuanced Musicality”
~ Saman Sebastian Hamdi, “Call and Responsibility! How Senegalese Hip Hop Culture developed a subversive Habitus geared towards Community Organizing & Protest Movements”
~ Todd Craig, “Incarcerated Scarfaces’: Liberating Composing Constraints via Hip-Hop as Praxis”

PANEL 5  Show & Prove: Undergrad Panel & Feedback Session

~ Amy Abshier, “Taking BACK Room on the Floor:  Turfing, Racial Discrimination, & Resiliency”
~ Akili Ploudre, “Inland Empire:  a Hip Hop Dance Goldmine”
~ Lerecia Evans, “The Blood Memories of a People”
ŸŸ~ Josiah Quiros, “Culture Commodity:On the Commercialization of Hip Hop & Blackness”

SATURDAY Afternoon I. 1:10pm-2:10pm

WORKSHOP 2:  The MPC at 30: The Magic and Myth of Hip Hop’s Beat Machine (workshop)

~ Patrick Rivers
~ Will Fulton

PANEL 6:  Spiritual Expression & Hip Hop Culture

~ Erika D. Gault, “’My Life as A Stud’:  Jackie Hill Perry and P4CM’s Embodiment of Black Sexuality”
~ Jerome Kern Dotson, Jr., “’Strictly Fish on My Dish’: Black Islam, Food Politics and 80s and 90s Hip Hop”

WORKSHOP 3:  Sober Flow (workshop, demo/performance, discussion)

~ Jiandan Payza
~ Guests

SATURDAY Afternoon II. 2:20pm-4:00pm

PANEL 7:  Hip Hop & the Hustle of History

~ Serouj Aprahamian, “’There Were B-Girls Too’: Uncovering the Role of Women in Breaking”
~ Vanessa Fleet, “High Times and Hypervisibility in Early Hip-Hop Dance”
~ Sean Robertson-Palmer, “As We Surf Through the Archived Files of All Styles:  Digital Fan Culture in Battle Rap Communities”
~ Gemma Connell, “Y’all Don’t Hear Me Though: Hip Hop Dance’s International Flashback as a Reclamation of Marginalized Histories in Sexuality and Gender Identity”

PANEL 8:  Words, Beats, & Life (roundtable & cypher workshop)

~ Mazi Mutafa
~ Piper Carter
~ Gabriel Benn

PANEL 9:  Performing Identity:  Race, Gender, Sexuality and Hip Hop

~ Antonia Randolph, “Atlanta and the Queer Domesticity of Hip-Hop”
~ Peng Liu, “Sounding Authentic to Whom?:  Identity, Struggle, and Resistance in Asian American’s Rap Music”
~ Joyhanna Yoo Garza, “I’m the baddest female”: Linguistic and Cultural Appropriation of the Bad Bitch Figure by a Korean Female Rapper”
~ Kevin Prescott Morris II, “Soundscaping Trauma: Coping with Black (Male) Vulnerability in the Age of Mass Incarceration”

 PANEL 10:  Worth the Weight: the Sustainability of Breaking Culture in Phoenix, Arizona (roundtable & film) 

~ Edson “House” Magana
~ Johnny Castro

SATURDAY Afternoon III. 4:10pm-5:50pm

PANEL 11:  Black Asian Solidarity in Hip Hop (roundtable)

~ DJ Kuttin’ Kandi
~ Anthony Blacksher
~ grace shinhae jun
~ Tyson Rose

PANEL 12:  Change From Within:  Hip-Hop Studies at Columbia College Chicago, inc. performance piece, “Who R U?” (roundtable & performance)

~ Kelsa Robinson
~ Stephanie “Malibu” Banes
~ Daniel “BRAVEMONK” Haywood 

PANEL 13:  Showcasing Hip Hop:  Festivals, Podcasts, & Theatre

~ Marcus White, “Come As You Are: Urban Cultural Production, Reproduction, and Sanitation within US University Setting”
~ Mike “Munchie” Santini, “Rap & Ability: Showcasing Sparkle and Developing Work Skills Through Bars and Beats”
~ Manny Faces, “Hip-Hop As Social Justice Journalism”
~ Seth Markle, “‘The Fest’: Exploring Hip Hop Models of Cultural Responsibility on College Campuses”

Evening Reception & Performances 6:00pm-8pm

UNCAGED: HERO FOR HIGHER (visual art exhibit and artist talkback)

~ John Jennings
~ Stacey Robinson

SNEAKER SUITES (solo dane works & poetry)

~ Antics Dance Company

AMPLIFIED FIDELITY: The Evolution of Humanity Through Sound, by Rickerby Hinds’ (an immersive sound and projection experience)

~ John "Faahz" Merchant

SHOOTING THE ENEMY (photograph exhibit & short lecture of the group Public Enemy in the 1980s)

~ Harry Allen, Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellow '17 Harvard University

SUNDAY Morning I. 9:00am-10:40am

PANEL 14:  Economic Hustling & the Pitfalls of Capitalism

~ Andrew Duncan, “’A Man Who Doesn’t Take Care of His Family Can’t Be Rich’: JAY-Z & The Performative Politics of 4:44’s Ujamaa”
~ Lin Wei, “‘Hip-Hop’ Imperialism in Taiwan:  New International Division of Cultural Labor and Local Response”
~ Keturah Nix, “Cut Me Loose, Cause I Need Freedom Too!:  Historicizing the Black Economic Hustle in Beyoncé’s #BlackLivesMatter Iconography”
~ Jason “J-Sun” Noer, “Skills Versus Bills: Commodifying Resistance”

PANEL 15:  Black Women & Black Feminist Thought

Respondent:  Alisa Bierria, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies UCR
~ Aria S. Halliday, “Hip Hop Feminism’s Black Girls: Twerking as Black Girl Epistemology”
~ Daniela F. Gomes da Silva, “Then, hip-hop became a ‘he’:  Black Feminist Resistance Against Erasure of Women in Brazilian Hip-Hop”
~ Izzy Williams, “Creating a Space of Agency Through Rap in Insecure
~  Natasha R. Howard, “What Happened to U.N.I.T.Y? - Consciousness in the Music of Black Female Rappers”

SUNDAY Morning II. 10:50am-12:10pm

PANEL 16:  Critically Engaging Millennial Rap

~ Ayo Walker, “Interrogating Black Minstrelsy In 21st Century Hip Hop”
~ Walter Hidalgo, “Millennial Rap:  The Rise and Response of Hip-hop Culture in the Age of Spiritual Enlightenment”
~ Frank C. King, Jr., “The Mumbling Teacher”

WORKSHOP 4:  From the Streets to Academia (roundtable & workshop)

~ Tasha Iglesias
~ Clemente Moreno
~ Travis Harris

SUNDAY Afternoon 1:10pm-2:30pm

PERFORMANCE 3:  The Line Up (performance & artist talkback session)

~ Marcus White

WORKSHOP 5:  Using Hip Hop Therapy Techniques with Youth Through a Social Justice Counseling Framework (workshop)

~ Carmen Towler

WHAT IT LOOK LIKE?: the Possibilities of a Hip Hop Studies Association (Closing Roundtable and Brainstorming Session)

~ Tasha Iglesias
~ Travis Harris